About Us

In February of 2006, FANTASYDRAFTHELP.COM spun off from DRAFTHELP.COM, a fantasy sports company that has existed since 2000.  FANTASYDRAFTHELP.COM specializes in the unique presentation of fantasy content across numerous sports, and distributed thousands of hours of live web TV and podcasts to SportsTalkNetwork.com before taking primary control of its distribution through its friends at Sportsology.  FDH is based in Cleveland, Ohio … Continue reading About Us

The FDH Lounge Show Index

Contents from our first 152 FDH LOUNGE episodes and our first 1252 single-segment mini-episodes: 1. January 14, 2007: Could pro wrestling become an Olympic sport?, BCS Title Game post-mortem, New York sports overview, Wimp or Pimp segment (OK to like ABBA?), Should specialists be in a sports hall of fame?, New music review segment, Celebrities … Continue reading The FDH Lounge Show Index