The FDH Lounge Wisdom of Experts Hub

This hub is a spinoff of The FDH Lounge AI Hub, a collection of cutting-edge information and insights from experts in the field of AI.  We are expanding that concept to broader fields of wisdom, from experts who have much to contribute. Below, we will be providing links to some of the top threads on different subjects on Twitter as we summarize the theme of each thread.  Some of these links are to comprehensive articles on different subjects.  This hub is relatively new, but already contains 24 links on a variety of topics and it will only continue to grow.



Learn about three exercises for hip mobility.

Learn about 10 vital exercises that will help a great many areas of your body to be healthier.

Learn about a simple method to reframe how you process experiences to better learn from them.

Learn about four exercises for healthy shoulders.

Learn about five exercises that you should do every evening if you sit at a desk.

Learn about a rarely identified disease that is often the cause of mystery symptoms and conditions, histamine intolerance.

Learn about fitness hacks that can extend your life span.

Learn about exercises to greatly improve your neck health.

Learn about exercises that can greatly improve your back, core and glute health.

Learn about five steps to better sleep (scroll down to #9).


Learn about how to use various Twitter Advanced Search capabilities.

Learn about eight YouTube channels offering valuable wisdom on various subjects.

Learn about the Character Invention Technique, which helps you to successfully deal with self-doubt and Imposter Syndrome while maximizing your capabilities.

Learn about 20 of the most important theories and ideas that everyone should know.

Learn about eight tips for using Google that will greatly increase your efficiency.


Learn about 11 websites that are gateways for remote employment.

Learn about 10 websites that pay between $200-$1,000 for writing articles.

Learn about 20 websites offering a wide variety of remote work.

Learn about 10 websites to help you find freelance work.


Learn about the theory of changing ocean deserts into lively ecosystems to help humanity’s economic growth, food production and carbon sequestration (to harmless places).


Learn about the best ways to construct a homepage for a website.

Learn about websites that can quickly recap online meetings for you, pair machine learning with drawing to quickly create a digital image, recognize text from images, find the best GIFs and Animated Stickers online, perform reverse image searches, perform online searches while protecting your privacy, transform your handwriting and calligraphy into actual fonts and transfer large files easier.

Learn about seven outstanding TED Talks with the videos embedded: how to achieve ambitious goals, a study about the best ways to build a happy life, how to build the power of perseverance, the causes of anxiety and ways to beat it, how to gain control of your free time, the psychopath test and why it’s hard to convince anyone that you’re sane and how to frame anxiety and take control over stress.

Learn about websites that provide an interactive guide to human anatomy, feature a TV simulator showing shows, music videos, ads and trailers from the 1990s, show you the color palette of your favorite movies, offer 10,000 free online form templates for a wide array of subjects, provide free tools for almost any online need, allow you to listen to local radio stations while virtually driving through cities around the world, keep you up-to-date on all McDonald’s ice cream machines that are presently broken worldwide, provide walking tours of cities around the world, provide free alternatives to mainstream SaaS products, let you virtually look through different windows all over the world, allow you to explore the size and scale of objects in the universe, provide information about more than 4,000 items, offer a hand-drawn illustration library for free use, provide a state-of-the-art AI platform with modern tools for traders and investors and information about the percentage of positive, negative and indifferent connotations to any topic discussed online.