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The initial release of ChatGPT on November 30, 2022 has been nothing short of revolutionary, delivering the potential for previously unheard-of production and creativity to one and all.  We are following some of the brightest minds on Twitter (each and every one deserving of a follow) who are harnessing AI for incredible purposes and informing the rest of us how to join them in performing functions that we could not even begin to conceptualize a short time ago.  Below, we will be providing links to some of the top threads on Twitter as we summarize the potential noted in each thread (note that not all tools listed in these threads are free). We’re already building such depth here (with 177 threads already!) that you may want to use the “Find” feature on your browser to find specific topics. And if you really like picking up all-purpose knowledge from smart people, check out our new spinoff from this hub, The FDH Lounge Wisdom of Experts Hub.


Topics include Wondera, essentially a version of ChatGPT-4 for music, which allows users to clone, convert synthesize and enhance singing voices in three easy steps and provide as few as 10 seconds of voice samples to create a visual lip-sync.

Topics include: the French startup Mistral’s open-source ChatGPT competitor Le Chat, the new open-source Mistral Large model that is advanced in all large language models, Google DeepMind’s Genie, an AI system that can generate interactive video games from a text or image prompt, Figure’s 01 humanoid robot completing real-world tasks fully autonomously, Lenovo’s Project Crystal, a fully-functioning transparent laptop, Xiaomi’s new AI-infused phones with an AI Portraits feature that allows users to upload existing phone photos to generate a portrait photo, Apple’s plans for future AI-powered smart glasses that will seek to compete with Meta’s new AI Ray-Bans with audio and AI+ cameras to identify objects in the world, Meta’s new MobileLLM, a family of optimized smaller models for on-device AI apps, Perplexity’s new partnership with ElevenLabs that will introduce a daily podcast called Discover Daily narrated by ElevenLaba AI-generated voices and Tyler Perry’s decision to halt an $800 million film studio expansion after seeing the capabilities of OpenAI’s Sora – and how the technology will threaten traditional filmmaking.

Topics include very wild text-to-video samples with OpenAI’s Sora.

Topics include extraordinary examples of text-to-video with OpenAI’s Sora.

Topics include 10 free AI courses that Google is making available.

Topics include unbelievable samples of text-to-video with OpenAI’s Sora.

Topics include the remarkable capabilities (and incredible samples) of OpenAI’s new Sora, which performs extraordinary text-to-video, image-to-video and video-to-video.

Topics include: OpenAI’s powerful new Sora, a super-advanced text-to-video AI model, Google’s Gemini 1.5 model, Meta’s V-JEPA that helps AI understand and predict what is happening in a video, Slack’s new generative AI features that include enhanced search, channel recaps, thread summaries and more, the new CodeSignal Learn platform that utilizes advanced AI tutors, the new LangSmith platform for LLM app development which now has no waitlist and Magic’s raise of $117 million to build frontier-scale code models and create an AI software engineer on the path towards AGI.

Topics include: OpenAI building AI agents to be able to take over devices and automate tasks as well as web agents to collect data online and book services autonomously (such as expense reports, booking travel, etc.), Google’s newly rebranded AI chatbot Gemini Ultra (formerly Bard) which can perform more complex tasks than before and support some existing Google Assistant features and some Google on Android features, the new humanoid robots from 1X Tech that can carry out complex tasks without manual intervention, Midjourney’s Alpha testing of their web platform for users with under 1,000 text-to-image pictures, announcement of a planned mobile app for Midjourney’s AI image generator, the new Frame glasses from Brilliant Labs that have a built-in multimodal AI assistant which can enhance daily activities and interact with digital and physical worlds (with Perplexity about to integrate their chatbot into the glasses) and Stable Audio’s new AudioSparx 1.0, which can create long-form open-sources music with a more varied structure than other models.

Topics include: Microsoft working with newsrooms to provide AI tools for research, Roblox introducing a real-time AI chat translator to work within games, Apple introducing a new tool to help speech recognition models better comprehend unfamiliar words/names, Bumble introducing a new tool called Deception Detector to block 95% of spam and fake profiles, Alibaba’s Qwen1.5 which reportedly surpasses GPT 3.5 + Mistral-Medium and even GPT 4 on certain benchmarks, Bayreuth University scientists using AI to better understand galaxy structures and behaviors and a site that leverages AI to create near-instant fake IDs.

Topics include: ways to improve productivity, including extracting information from documents,  translating PDF content from foreign languages, crafting SEO blogs, sharing, annotating and discussing documents for collaborative purposes with PopAI.

Topics include extremely helpful and useful ways to utilize ChatGPT to diagnose rare diseases.

Topics include: Amazon’s new  AI chatbots, song creation, a “20 Questions” game, and partnerships with companies like Character AI to add conversational personas to the device, the new Rabbit Tamagotchi-style r1 AI companion device, which uses AI agents to simplify digital tasks, Luma’s  Genie, a new text-to-3D model generator capable of rendering HD materials, Meta’s AudioBox that allows users to create sound effects, voices, and more straight from text prompts, Cognosys’s AI assistant that is capable of autonomously creating workflows, utilizing tools, and executing tasks all from prompts and McAfee’s AI-powered Deepfake Audio Detection tool.

Topics include an all-in-one ChatGPT prompting sheet.

Topics include 10 specific ways to write incredibly effective ChatGPT prompts.

Topics include the different aspects of Microsoft Copilot (the rebranded Bing chatbot): Code Interpreter, which allows you to perform complex tasks such as more accurate calculations, coding, data analysis, visualization, math and more, Deep Search, which uses GPT-4 to deliver more comprehensive descriptions and relevant results to search queries, Video Understanding and Q&A in Edge, which has the ability to summarize or answer questions about videos watched in Edge, the partnership with Suno AI which also now lets you generate music within the chatbot and the launch of Copilot for Android users.

Topics include seven free Microsoft courses for learning more about utilizing AI.

Topics include: turning prompts into AI-generated music tracks — with lyrics, instruments, and vocals completely free, Google’s new AI-powered notetaking app, now upgraded with new features and Gemini, a foundation model for generating highly realistic, voices, sound effects, and music, Instagram’s new AI tool that allows you to replace the background of an image with whatever AI-generated image you’d like, an open-sourced audio enhancer that turns noisy/broken audio crystal clear, generating AI images directly from your phone keyboard for free, the world’s first AI-powered news network, building the AI version of you from your social accounts and more to scale your expertise and availability infinitely, trying on an outfit online with a simple photo of anyone and animating it, changing the artistic style of any video and Supertools – the database with thousands of AI tools organized in one spot.

Topics include using ChatGPT custom GPTs for science and academic research.

Topics include using Strut as an all-in-one workplace for managing drafts, researching, writing, and collaboration.

Topics include: creating a faceless YouTube channel capable of earning $4,292/month.

Topics include: using Sheetplus and its AI tools to write Google Sheets and Excel formulas 10x faster, using Nero AI to enlarge, improve and clean up your photos, improve your public speaking, remove unwanted elements from pictures, convert audio and video files and live audio streams to text, create professional videos from text, using Quillbot to edit and fix grammar mistakes in your work, using Supermeme AI to create custom memes, using Texti AI to search smarter on Google.

Topics include 10 tools to help you land a new job within 30 days.

Topics include AI websites that can: record and analyze user behavior (especially beneficial for improving customer experiences), create and edit videos quickly, build websites quickly, browse websites without paywalls, simulate live walking experiences in countless cities, provide a free version of tools that usually cost money, convert files to any format for free, remove unwanted elements from images for free, automatically record video and audio and transcribe Zoom and Google Meet meetings, download free high-quality stock images, browse through and download from a database of up to 81 million free eBooks, provide a temporary email and inbox to allow you to avoid unwanted spam when you sign up for a website and provide a free GPT mastery course.

Topics include “aristocratic tutoring,” using ChatGPT for rapidly mastering new skills.

Topics include: researchers sending the OpenAI board of directors a letter warning of a new AI discovery that could threaten humanity, Inflection AI’s new Inflection-2 – a large new 175 billion parameter language model with capacities to exceed Google and Meta’s top models while being just behind GPT-4 and a next model that will be 10x larger in six months, Google Bard allowing users to chat with YouTube videos, Neuralink recruiting quadriplegic patients for its PRIME study that will test its brain-computer interface using the N1 implant and R1 surgical robot to enable control of devices such as phones via thoughts, the new ElevenLabs Speech-to-Speech product that allows a user to tell the model what you want and watch your voice transform into another character, with full control over emotions, timing and delivery, a new AI tool called screenshot-to-code that allows you to upload a screenshot of a website and lets you watch AI build the entire code for the site and tools that can create personalized one-click AI tools on any webpage, create an easy and fast AI dubbing app for your videos, craft an AI-powered website instantaneously, create unique and powerful GPTs, generate incredible letters, rapidly generate artificial fine-tuning datasets, convert a newsletter into a podcast, and utilize ChatGPT to create a top-notch AI writer and image, audio and content generator.

Topics include: ramifications of the SAG-AFTRA strike settlement with restrictions and payments around AI use, a 500+ hub directory for GPTs, upgrades to the GPT-4 Turbo model, an addition to the AI video platform Runway called “motion brush” that allows for more intuitive movement control and tools that can analyze hours of Excel work quickly, turn any Midjourney prompt into a nightmare, resolve 80% of customer-support questions with no code, leverage AI tech for insurance adjustments, turn tables into AI chatbots for your website and social media, design a logo and build a brand within seconds and put AI in your Google Sheets.

Topics include: Humane’s new $699 AI Pin – which includes messaging, summaries, music, visual Q&A, photos, real-time translation and nutrition analysis via food images, a new robot system called NOIR created by Stanford researchers that decodes EEG signals from your brain to allow you to operate robots just by thinking about it, Mayo Clinic developing an AI system that can detect Type 2 diabetes with up to 89% accuracy simply be analyzing a voice recording on a smartphone, Snapchat using ChatGPT to power a new wave of Augmented Reality lenses and tools that can craft a business plan quickly, generate web traffic with just a few clicks, generate AI-created blog, email and social media content, professional videos using AI-generated characters, startup businesses quickly, ChatGPT-powered service chatbots and extractions from long-form video.

Topics include: utilizing ChatGPT to create Custom GPTs without writing any lines of code, OpenAI’s plan to share revenue from GPT Store with creators of GPTs by building GPT Agents, OpenAI’s text-to-speech Application Programming Interface, building of AI Assistants, a GPT Marketplace that enables users to create and sell custom GPT models, GPT-4 Turbo with the capacity to read a prompt as long as an entire book, OpenAI updating the knowledge cutoff date to April 2023, OpenAI introducing lower prices and higher rate limits across the platform and OpenAI’s new Copyright Shield to defend customers if they face copyright lawsuits.

Topics include: Elon Musk’s new ChatGPT competitor, Grok, which includes “normal” and “fun” modes, feature changes coming to ChatGPT, RunwayML’s 1stAIMachine, a physical device that allows users to create videos with AI alone and no filming, a free AI agent for email called Mindy and tools to create an email-first AI chief of staff, an AI coding sidekick, AI employees, presentations, AI-powered cold emails, AI product and model photography, a trainable robot to extract monitor data from websites and convert long-form audio into ready-to-uses content assets.

Topics include generating an unlimited number of images in the same style in Dall-E 3 utilizing new parameters in ChatGPT.

Topics include: a new Microsoft AI teaching tool that debuted in India called Shiksha Copilot that cut daily lesson planning time from 60-90 minutes down to 60-90 seconds, new AI tools in Google Maps, a robotic guide dog created at Binghamton University and tools to generate custom blogs and documents in seconds, serve as a personal consultant, create websites, generate demo videos, create AI photos, create video demos, extracting clips from long-form videos, creating professional headshots and obtaining programmatic AI-powered SEO.

Topics include ways to utilize AI with Excel without writing formulas.

Topics include: Botsonic – a custom ChatGPT-powered AI chatbot trained on your own data, Dante AI – a future-proofing tool for business, Chatsimple – a powerful AI chatbot creator for business growth, Landingsite – a quick website creator, Poised AI – a tool to improve public speaking skills with live feedback, TLDV – a ChatGPT alternative for meetings, Jam – a tool for speeding up bug reporting 10x, Text Blaze – a Chrome extension to eliminate repetitive typing and mistakes, Stockimg AI – easily generated AI logos and other art, Autodesigner – a personal professional designer, ComposeAI – a tool that can generate any text using AI and Beautiful AI – an AI presentation maker that works in seconds.

Topics include: the new Google AI tool called Stubbs that can generate, deploy and even publish AI apps with node, the potential for Gemini to surpass the capabilities of GPT-4, Lenovo and Nvidia partnering to easily build and deploy custom AI models, a new tool called Nightshade that subtly corrupts images to derail AI if scraped for training without consent as a means of protecting the rights of artists, YouTube Music’s new tool to allow users to create custom playlist art with a simple text prompt and AI tools to boost compliance automation, interview job candidates, serve as a personal assistant, automatically create short, branded videos from long-form content, personalize your LinkedIn profile, improve email outreach, generate better emails and newsletters, craft viral Tweets in seconds and extract clips from long-form videos.

Topics include: Meta’s new AI called MEG that can decode the unfolding of visual representations in the brain, Baldu’s latest AI model Ernie 4.0 that can match the capabilities of GPT-4, OpenAI’s quiet change of its “core values” to mention Artificial General Intelligence development, IBM’s new brain-inspired AI processing chip called NorthPole that mimics connections in the human cerebral cortex, Amazon’s new humanoid robot trial, the Robotics startup Figure sharing a video of its Figure01 humanoid robot, Google’s new Project Greenlight that will utilize AI to increase the efficiency of traffic lights, New York Mayor Eric Adams utilizing AI tools to make robocalls to residents in languages that he doesn’t actually speak, the development of AI and machine learning to write malware and identify vulnerable targets, the first battlefield use of AI killer robot drones by Ukraine, the debut of Ehang – a fully autonomous flying taxi service in China, a new AI agent developed by NVIDIA Research that can teach robots complex skills (with a demonstration of pen-spinning tricks that may eclipse what a human hand can do), a new generative AI assistant for BlackBerry, the new AI chatbot Claude that is expanding to 95 countries, Anthropic crowdsourcing the writing of AI values and YouTube’s efforts to channel AI to clone musicians’ voices and thus allow them to legally control use of their voices.

Topics include 10 very useful websites to save you hundreds of hours of work.

Topics include 21 ChatGPT ideas to make money in 2023.

Topics include innovative and sophisticated frameworks for utilizing AI for advanced brainstorming: Reverse Brainstorming, Six Thinking Hats, SCAMPER, First Principle Thinking and Second Order Thinking.

Topics include the aspects of ChatGPT including voice and vision for back-and-forth conversation and web browsing (as it is no longer limited to content that was posted by September 2021), OpenAI’s plan to build “the iPhone of AI” and Open AI sharing technology with Spotify to translate podcasts.

Topics include using ChatGPT image recognition for advanced educational purposes, avoiding parking tickets, solving complex picture puzzles, formulating military strategy, creating names for AI-generated architectural styles, creating code off of a whiteboard brainstorming session, assessment of web images and matching an image to the movie it was part of (and even the specific scene).

Topics include leveraging the evolving thinking abilities of AI.

Topics include creating a video with script, voice-over and music with just two prompts.

Topics include specific examples of how to write prompts to utilize ChatGPT to its fullest potential.

Topics include 20 cutting-edge AI tools.

Topics include advanced image generation.

Topics include: free college courses, a free AI tool for learning anything, a tool to organize the best online communities, composing attention-grabbing videos using AI in a few seconds, viewing entire Internet trends on a single webpage, obtaining answers directly from scientific research, generating fully-functional QR cods from any images or from texts, obtaining a temporary email address and inbox to avoid spam, an AI tool that automatically animates, lights and composes CG characters in a live-action scene and generating realistic images from text.

Topics include: AI-powered shopping tools, an AI organizational tool in Google Sheets, the development of a deep-fake profile photo generator and mixed-image editing.

Topics include: a tool for streamlining and improving your writing style, a Chrome extension that can summarize any webpage, a knowledgeable companion for research, obtaining summaries of YouTube videos, a tool for writing better prompts and easily creating step-by-step guides.

Topics include: Meta’s Voicebox, an innovative all-in-one generative speech model and ChatGPT and Bard providing free Windows 10 keys.

Topics include: real-time detection of your feelings using AI, Google’s Dreamix, a model that generates videos, AI voice-cloning technology, advanced Object Detection models, preliminary efforts at using MRI scans for a form of mind-reading, researchers converting brain signals into videos, Google’s Universal Translater AI tool, Palette colorizing old photos to an unprecedented degree and SingSong’s capacity to generate instrumental accompaniments to pair with input vocals.

Topics include the best methods for brainstorming with AI: mind mapping, reverse brainstorming, utilizing a random word, the SCAMPER technique (Substitute, Combine, Adapt, Modify, Put to another use, Eliminate and Rearrange) and six hats (thinking about a problem from six different perspectives).

Topics include creating incredible AI images for free through Adobe Firefly.

Topics include creating useful graphs in ChatGPT in seconds.

Topics include: Tafi’s new text-to-3D character engine that can produce tens of billions of unique 3D character variations, Adobe integrating Firefly into Adobe Express, Clipdrop’s free equivalent of Photoshop’s new Generative Fill, Apple Vision Pro’s capacity to blend the real world with the digital world, WordPress’s Jetpack AI Assistant – an AI plug-in that generates and edits text directly within the WordPress interface, a rumored new Instagram AI chatbot, Google’s AI branch Deepmind’s new agent AlphaDev and a Reinforcement Learning agent that can discover faster sorting algorithms on its own.

Topics include ways in which AI is being used to perfect the process of creating medical records and research.

Topics include understanding AI’s outputs through utilizing a large language model (LLM) by: properly conditioning your prompts, loading relevant content into its memory, encouraging the LLM to ask for additional info and using complementary tools to bring out the best in LLM.

Topics include: learning the basics of prompts, using ChatGPT for brainstorming, using ChatGPT to elevate your writing, teaching ChatGPT to write like you, techniques to speed up content creation, using ChatGPT for text formatting, using ChatGPT for a negotiation coach, effective marketing prompts, effective sales prompts and prompts to increase versatility.

Topics include how to create an entire movie trailer out of Twitter replies using text-to-video with Runway.

Topics include: a GPT-powered live tool to help you generate job interview responses in real time, a tool to help maintain eye contact on camera while reading a chatbox, Google’s new “Flood Hub” that helps to predict weather patterns a week ahead, real-time AI NPCs in video games, Instorier’s new Scene Creator that turns a picture into a 3D effect, Arc’s Boost 2.0 that customizes the look of any website to your preference and Google’s new Project Starline that provides video calls with a 3D effect.

Topics include: the TED Talks AI Playlist, a curated list of papers, blog posts, courses and guides that have shaped AI, interdisciplinary work uncovering and mitigating the harms of current AI systems, a short course on how to use OpenAI API, an up-to-date AI Prompt Engineering Handbook, courses on web3, a brief overview of metaverse technology, research about green hydrogen and a beginner’s guide to quantum computing.

Topics include the new TikTok chatbot Tako which allows users to ask questions.

Topics include: Meta announcing Massively Multilingual Speech which can identify 4,000 languages online through software, a “digital bridge” that was created between a paralyzed man’s brain and spinal cord that helped him to walk again, 1X —  the first AI robot in the workforce, Google’s new audio model SoundStorm and Neuralink’s first-in-human clinical study to help people with impaired vision see and solve many neurological disorders (with an accompanying video of a monkey using only his brain as a controller to play Pong).

Topics include: Figure gaining $70 million in series A funding to develop a multi-purpose humanoid robot, Google’s Flamingo VLM which is being used to generate descriptions for YouTube Shorts and Opera’s new AI browser sidekick Aria which finds information on the web, generating text, including code and providing support about the browser itself.

Topics include: Windows becoming the first AI OS, META launching a new AI model that supports text-to-speech for over 1,000 languages, tools to build a chatbot for your website or business, Bard incorporating images into searches, an equivalent of ChatGPT for Music launched by Google and Thought-to-Video with Stable Diffusion, Intel’s Aurora genAI, — a generative AI Model with 1 trillion parameters.

Topics include: a new AI agent being integrated into Windows taskbars starting with Windows 11, multiple Bing Plugins coming to Windows 11, Bing becoming the default search engine in ChatGPT, a new section in the Microsoft Store for the best AI experiences built by developers and Microsoft, a new dashboard to help Windows developers, new AI-enabled Photoshop tools, conversational AI being added to Google Ads and incorporation of relevant images into Google Bard.

Topics include powerful Bing capabilities: utilizing ChatGPT+ for browsing for free, analyzing code from the Twitter algorithm code to more easily create viral Tweets, learning the top trending posts on a particular subreddit, taking the latest news and putting it into a table with linked sources, summarizing a page and grabbing links and creating an essay with cited sources.

Topics include quickly and easily using Bing Chat to create logos.

Topics include quickly and easily using DragGAN to edit any picture with drag-and-drop functionality.

Topics include new ChatGPT Plugins to help you: perform meal tracking, obtain news summaries, create apparel with any image that you can describe, obtain portfolio assessments, discovery worthy nonprofits, obtain an AI research assistant, create Spotify playlists for any prompt, access the highest-quality content on the Internet, obtain real-time and historical market data, shop more efficiently, interact with video platforms like YouTube, obtain lodging/activity information for your trip, search YouTube/Google transcripts, craft perfect prompts, obtain a product development coach, utilize Instacart more efficiently, search for the perfect Turo vehicle for your trip, find the right AI for any use case, schedule and send daily SMS, enable access to market-leading, real-time data sets for legal and financial info, obtain live aviation data for pilots, learn about the latest property listings in Ontario, obtain current factual data about various companies, convert text to audio, obtain real-time stock, crypto and investment data, retrieve USA stock insights from SEC filings, perform a unified product search across all Korean platforms and brands, learn more about the housing market, compute answers using technology, talk to your PDF, read the content of any link, obtain a personal options trader for all types of markets, locate dependable animal transporters, more efficiently search flights/stays/rental cars within your budget, find tours and other travel activities, learn the current weather data of any city, convert ABC music notation to wav, midi and postscript files, find the best comics, obtain soccer standings and results, compare prices and discover the latest offers in Australia, interact with more than 5,000 apps such as Google Sheets and Salesforce, obtain recipe ideas, meal plans and cooking tips, access the latest crypto prices and news, find any music, podcasts and videos, obtain TV, movie and podcast recommendations, obtain a sales agent, obtain reliable scientific knowledge with fast, reliable and peer-reviewed data, build a curriculum for any topic, obtain a real estate assistant, obtain info about NHL, NBA and MLB teams, obtain housing market research, obtain keywords and SEO information and analysis, play chess in ChatGPT, simplify flight and hotel bookings, obtain business and finance news, obtain the best coupons available, search the US Census with data sets, visualization and the ability to obtain answers to questions, obtain bargains from millions of products for sale from quality brands, access affordable, on-demand tutoring, create AI-powered forms/surveys/quizzes, learn to speak anything in any language, search user-generated filters to enhance photos and videos, search millions of jobs, learn about gift ideas, order them and have them delivered, search healthcare jobs, obtain product recommendations from your local Amazon store, obtain trivia from various categories, shape your virtual life in a life simulator, locate restaurant reservations in Japan, obtain fun and educational learning activities for children aged 2-8, obtain listings of homes for rent, search the web with a custom search engine, create and edit diagrams in chat, describe your business and obtain the best one-word domain for it and obtain enhanced restaurant reservations.

Topics include: the best ways to use AI to help you avoid getting stuck writing a first draft.

Topics include brand-new AI Tools to perform a variety of functions: quickly create a startup business with a business model, creating long-form writing, online productivity enhancement, marketing enhancement, providing free stock images and designs, writing assistant functions, free usage of GPT-4, uncovering useful ChatGPT prompts, converting messy thoughts into clear text, and obtaining advanced financial research.

Topics include brand-new features on ChatGPT: access to the Internet, summarizing any news story in seconds, detecting trends, academic research, productivity enhancement, stock market analysis, explaining a complex event, coding using the latest documentation and writing an updated essay.

Topics include using ChatGPT to act as your job interview trainer, dating coach, tutor, lawyer, therapist or writer.

Topics include the aspects of a University of Texas experiment to use AI to turn a person’s thoughts into readable text vis interpretation of brain activity.

Topics include a comprehensive list of ChatGPT Plugins for many different topics: education/learning, job and property searches, entertainment/games, shopping/E-commerce, financial data and analysis, food and travel, productivity and miscellaneous categories.

Topics include: the Congressional testimony of OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, the unveiling of AI robots, AI healthcare developments and academic efforts to police use of ChatGPT for assigned papers.

Topics include the features of Google’s new tool MusicLM: generating music from a text description, transforming whistled and hummed melodies according to the style in a text caption, generating 19 seconds of audio in three seconds, creating instrumental music, music of different genres, electronic and classical music and shaping the vibe, mood or emotion of music while not allowing queries with specific artists or voices.

Topics include the new features for Duet AI, a new Google offering: writing content and providing smart chips for location, status and company name in Google Docs, a feature to easily organize any activity in Google Sheets, easy compelling visuals for presentations in Google Slides and a special all-around assistant in Google Docs called Google Sidekick that can generate images, provide narrative progressions and summarize conversations.

Topics include a chart to quickly compare features for ChatGPT, ChatGPT+, Bard and Bing Chat.

Topics include powerful AI Chrome extensions to: finish any task on any website within seconds, summarize and discuss any research paper, ask questions or get instant summaries while you browse, record online meetings with transcription/editing/sharing features, reply to emails, write Tweets, customize prompts, summarize YouTube videos within seconds and write/edit copy.

Topics include: Google’s AI Integration tools in all Google Workplace apps, using prompts in Gmail, Google Search 2.0 that scrapes the web and provides nuanced answers to conversational questions and Google’s more polished version of its in-house GPT competitor PalM 2 which generates text in most languages, code and reason.

Topics include: writing emails and documents with a simple prompt, telling Google Sheets the function that you want rather than having to apply formulas, Google Maps visualization with traffic conditions and weather predictions and creating images in Bard and Google Slides using Adobe Firefly.

Topics include the aspects to follow along with a revolutionary new AI-powered trading account.

Topics include using Bard to accomplish numerous tasks: accessing the Internet for topics such as obtaining news summaries, forthcoming usage via mobile devices, providing images in prompt responses, using voice prompts for Bard, exporting Bard results into Gmail or Docs and enhancing results with a Google search.

Topics include new Google AI innovations: the brand-new Bard system with a list of future plugins utilizing it, utilizing a simple email prompt, using Adobe Firefly to generate completely new images, a next-generation multimodal foundation model, a tool for AR creation, the “Magic Editor” on Google Photos, Immersive Views for Map and powerful multilingual, reasoning and coding capabilities trained on 100+ languages.

Topics include 70 brand-new AI tools to help you with Twitter, YouTube, productivity, writing, coding, music, content creation, chatbots, daily life, sales, images and Chrome extensions.

Topics include: Inflection Pi (a sophisticated ChatGPT competitor), text-to-3D world generation, easily creating advanced computer graphics, financial portfolio management, translating unorganized thoughts into clear text, advanced financial research, utilizing an AI sales agent and personalized MMA training.

Topics include: creating professional-grade voiceovers, professional video production, ad campaign creation, easily scheduling social media posts and sophisticated social media analysis.

Topics include: instructing ChatGPT for a list of 20 ideas to obtain a wide range of possibilities, then refining the list to find more ideas like the best ones, utilizing the best brainstorming frameworks, having ChatGPT approach a topic from the viewpoint of experts in different jobs, creating a prompt with a step-by-step approach, utilizing divergent thinking with your prompts and creating a prompt with the opposite of what you want in order to more efficiently learn the right approach.

Topics include: using ChatGPT-4 for music creation and editing, transforming your voice into any custom voice, ChatGPT for fully developing ideas, taking care of busywork in Excel and Google Sheets, quick brainstorming with AI, how to find hidden money that you are entitled to, automatically cancelling any free trials that you have set up, obtaining an answer in data form from a question in plain English, building AI automation for almost any use without any code in minutes, scraping any website in two minutes with no code, and a list of 19 new AI tools.

Topics include: creating content/fixing grammar and translating the material to over 20 languages, utilizing a personal AI health coach, turning long documents such as articles/PDFs/emails into podcasts to listen to them at your leisure, importing a PDF to obtain answers from it, an AI techradar/product reviewer for Amazon, the OpenAI cost tracking tool, utilizing the ChatGPT Sidebar to serve as an AI assistant while browsing any website, converting any document into ChatGPT, discerning whether any element that you chat with is human or AI and obtaining a summary of any YouTube video with ChatGPT.

Topics include: text-to-speech that creates realistic voiceovers for videos, podcasts and audiobooks, quickly brainstorm ideas, discovering rapidly-growing topics before they take off, how to optimize your prompts, quickly creating text-to-charts, quickly turning a drawing or sketch into a website or app mockup in seconds, using a text to quickly extract actions, objects, text on screen, speech and people from a video, using AI on websites to help with everyday tasks, generating ten short videos from a long video with one click, quickly turning an idea into a video with plain text and creating different images and personas with ChatGPT-4.

Topics include: leveraging the latest news to put it in a table, summarizing a webpage and grabbing links, finding the top trending topics on a particular subreddit, analyzing code from Twitter’s open-sourced algorithm, finding hidden gem spots in various travel spots, easily locating even obscure reviews, recapping top-performing stocks and creating an essay while citing sources.

Topics include ways to have ChatGPT roleplay as your mentor/coach in different areas: mental health, career, health/fitness, finance, personal development, legal matters and entrepreneurialism.

Topics include: AI-powered dubbing and video translation software that allows users to localize their videos with human-like voiceovers, an AI tool to generate unique images and human models, creating a wide variety of designs, scanning your text for errors and creating and editing human-like voices with just text.

Topics include next-generation AI Chrome extensions: recording/transcribing/analyzing voice conversations, finishing any task on any website within seconds, teaching workflow processes very easily and obtaining additional relevant information for any webpage.

Topics include: segmenting your customers in seconds, decomposing seasonality simply by text, linear regression by itself, easy Geo Charts, basic descriptive charts in seconds, graphing public data without input, automatic radar charts, quickly-generated heatmaps, outputting the log chart automatically, easy cohort chart generation, choosing your clustering algorithm and debugging, natural language querying to reduce stakeholder requests, plotting mathematical functions and easy data cleaning.

Topics include ChatGPT plugins that are the equivalent of an app store: vacation or business trip planning, YouTube video summarization, a personal shopping assistant, extracting recipes from food pictures (!), transforming text into high-quality audio, in-depth analysis of your financial portfolio, creating a meal plan, creating a website with text prompts, solving complicated mathematical equations, receiving gift recommendations, finding personalized job openings, automatically cancelling subscriptions, quickly finding personalized homes on the market with Zillow and generating images of yourself directly in ChatGPT,

Topics include ChatGPT for generative 3D modeling and the coming text-to-3D printer revolution.

Topics include how to optimize the free Bing Chat: an assistant that doesn’t just talk to you but performs actions for you, obtaining answers with images, videos, charts and graphs, chat history to learn your preferences from previous chat sessions, new plugins to imitate the early days of the Apple app store, uploading long documents and PDFs to obtain answers and exporting and sharing capabilities in Microsoft Word or social media.

Topics include: turning ChatGPT into a prompt generator, increasing the creativity of ChatGPT, using a prompt for multiple purposes, obtaining simple step-by-step plans and delegating tasks to ChatGPT.

Topics include an AI tool to extract anything from videos, such as action, objects, text on screen, speech and people.

Topics include: turning articles/emails/PDFs/etc. into podcasts to listen to, using ChatGPT in a Reddit-like fashion, an AI-powered messaging tool, allowing users to build and discover AI web apps without coding, interview preparation, text-to-image functionality, improving public speaking skills and enlarging/improving and cleaning up photos.

Topics include: a ChatGPT-like model to decode human thoughts, turning words and images into SharePoint sites and pages using natural language, an AI tool for novel and screenplay writing, exploring the new frontier of AI reasoning,

Topics include: getting ChatGPT to write prompts for you, generating unique business ideas, extracting frameworks from business books, crafting personalized cold business emails, formatting text to tables, converting creativity to tangible business ideas, changing the tone of text, improving memory recall, summarizing text in bullet points, getting help brainstorming any topic, writing tremendous cover letters, innovating/upgrading a product or service, enhancing problem-solving, polishing your writing, crafting an impactful sales script, combatting writer’s block, creating a successful email marketing campaign, learning complicated topics quickly, executing a winning product launch strategy, learning from AI versions of business icons, tackling problems by pinpointing root causes and composing a captivating brand narrative.

Topics include the best free courses on AI to help you capitalize on the technology: ChatGPT prompt engineering for developers, an introductory course to learn the basics, learning the basics of AI machine learning, an introduction to natural language processing (NLP), a comprehensive prompt engineering course and an introduction to machine learning.

Topics include a full list of the historic developments in AI in April 2023 alone.

Topics include elements of an incredible new brainstorming tool.

Topics include: a chatbot for reading and exploring information online, transforming written content into text/audio summaries, extracting valid email addresses from LinkedIn with ChatGPT with up to 98% email deliverability, creating magical content with the most powerful AI editor without struggling with prompts, translating videos into 60+ languages efficiently, creating a custom ChatGPT for your website within five minutes, obtaining instant answers on any topic, language translation or mathematical calculation, creating an online store in less than a minute and incredible productivity help for developers.

Topics include a free AI tool to start creating realistic voices with nothing but text.

Topics include simplifying ChatGPT: creating a learning plan, learning the most important terms of a topic, creating a quiz about a subject, learning about the links between multiple topics, finding motivational tips, defining and understanding a concept, correcting mistakes, focusing on the most important part of a topic, obtaining the best tips for learning and finding reliable sources.

Topics include the elements of a very simple ChatGPT Cheat Sheet.

Topics include entrepreneurial ideas for using ChatGPT: writing, selling prompts, selling AI art, selling digital products, selling AI music, selling audiobooks and selling video backgrounds.

Topics include: powerful AI prompts, how to generate music, having AI design your entire brand and job applications with AI.

Topics include many striking examples of the ongoing text-to-video revolution that is ongoing.

Topics include: an AI assistant that explains research papers in real time, automating emails, answering a question about any article that you’re reading, using ChatGPT on any website without copy-pasting and getting ChatGPT response on any website with a simple command.

Topics include: a supercharged ChatGPT experience to help marketers/creators, a long-form writing assistant, a great alternative ChatGPT for teams, organization of Google Docs, Notion pages and other work documents and incredible presentation software.

Topics include bypassing the $20/month charge  for ChatGPT to use it for free.

Topics include: a tool that Apple is developing for personalized coaching regarding eating, exercise and better sleeping, a tool to allow ChatGPT to interact with anything on the Internet on your behalf, using voice commands/gestures/projected  displays to project phone calls on the user’s hand (!) and a video-to-video generative AI model.

Topics include: design/image creation, giving AI a goal and watching it solve it, an incredible tool for selling and using all of the power of GPT-4 in Bing Chat.

Topics include: reviewing a product with AI, getting ChatGPT to create ChatGPT prompts, rebranding strategies, competitor analysis, testing ChatGPT skills in interviews, creating ad ideas and creating a strong giveaway program.

Topics include: an AI agent specifically designed for research, brainstorming, fixing grammar and translating content to over 20 languages, uploading multiple documents and turning them into a chatbot, creating professional presentations from mere ideas very quickly, creating tailored emails to a business prospect from their LinkedIn profile page, an AI Copilot for storytelling  and a meeting recorder that transcribes and summarizes calls.

Topics include: an incredible slide deck in seconds, using a chatbot for customer support very quickly, content for blogs, scripts and social posts, transferring any text to speech, talking directly to your codebase and a tool for finding and visualizing data.

Topics include: professional presentations, brand design graphics, pro-grade videos in under 15 minutes and spreadsheet formulas ten times faster.

Topics include: generating visual stories out of ideas, a personal AI art generator, AI help for entrepreneurs, writing enhancement, a ChatGPT browser extension, how to put an entire movie studio in your browser, create narratives, generate compelling images and transform documents into presentations and obtain podcast summaries via your inbox.

Topics include: creating personas that respond and interact with you and generating and downloading images in your chats.

Topics include a crypto assistant chatbot powered by AI.

Topics include: using AI for ad copy, creating powerful stories in seconds, turning any website or PDF into an AI Chatbot, composing any text using AI and building a “second brain” for any group.

Topics include using NeRF technology to create amazing videos easily (with NeRFs using deep-learning AI to study a picture and create images that simulate a drone effect): rendering a 3D model from a 2D picture on your phone (with examples of AI commercials that could be made), creating great video games and engaging in movie-making,

Topics include: using GPT-4 to extract key insights from any YouTube video, ChatGPT for Finance that will provide key information about companies and super-investors, using Chat GPT to predict future trends in a wide range of industries and markets, how to run ChatGPT on any side, improving resumes/CVs, a free text-to-image and image editing tool, an AI website builder and making original music (even if you have no experience) with the potential to monetize it.

Topics include using ChatGPT to learn about 14 new jobs that may be created because of AI.

Topics include using MiniGPT-4 to: chat with any images, going from a sketch on paper to code generation to a website in 60 seconds, scan an image to ask how to fix any machinery, writing ad copy from images, providing a short recap or full summary of any movie from a single image and name the artist behind any painting.

Topics include turning long YouTube videos into five-minute narrated summaries using AI.

Topics include having ChatGPT write its own prompts to accomplish such feats as: creating a startup company for $100, coding a functional website in 3 minutes, creating an app and installing everything needed for it, completing all of the tasks on a to-do list, performing research and synthesizing it, creating a social media manager, creating an autonomous developer and learning how to make money in a specific location.

Topics include: building a website within 3 minutes, querying your SQL for you in less than 60 seconds, sales prospecting through AI, writing and executing Python scripts in less than a minute, creating a research plan in minutes, writing a to-do list that can finish itself, conducting professional research for any purchase, creating code combining multiple files, testing code, creating a marketing task list in Discord, preparing a podcast outline based on recent events, finding top speakers and creating a website to store them, learning how to make as much money as possible in New York City, creating a startup with only $100, analyzing stock market data, creating market research, creating an app, how to teach people to become better entrepreneurs, building an authenticated user function for your app and deploying it, filing better bug reports, creating tweets to gain more followers, ordering a pizza, finding and negotiating a lease and booking a work trip or vacation.

Topics include: how to enter any medical problem and generate an entire clinical plan, a web-based 3D animation editor and motion capture tool, a user-friendly tool for creating AI videos, getting flashcards from any YouTube video, webpage or PDF, receiving answers to any question based on summaries of the top 10 research papers cited, creating an AI agent and watching as it executes a plan for you, unlocking customer insights 10 times faster, easy and quick web scraping, receiving a personalized list of 60 tweet ideas based on your content style and building a no-code AI-app in minutes.

Topics include: building a custom website in 3 minutes, organizing tasks, setting up a customizable research agent, setting up an agent to research recent events and prepare a podcast outline, creating an Intelligent Alter Ego to solve any goal, setting up an agent to automatically code for you, utilizing AutoGPT inside of Discord, accessing AutoGPT directly in your browser, creating an AutoGPT intern and an overview of the field of autonomous agents and how they work for you.

Topics include utilizing GPT-4 for free.

Topics include: creating AI-based applications without the need to write code (and monetize them if you want to), quickly building a website landing page, creating pro-grade video in seconds, quickly creating YouTube thumbnails, a Rationale AI to weigh the pros and cons of any issue, a comprehensive AI tool directory, an AI-powered Front Desk function for workplaces and quick searching of any PDF file.

Topics include: creating advanced-level videos quickly, an AI-powered search engine to help you find information very quickly, an AI tool to create promotional videos from project information/a webpage/images, automating the tracking/monitoring of critical business data and an AI-powered mindfulness coach for meditation and relief of stress and anxiety while improving concentration level and emotions.

Topics include: using ChatGPT in Snapchat, text-to-3D technology to generate lifelike 3D digital humans from text prompts and a physician chatbot.

Topics include: consulting historical figures, translating technical jargon into everyday language, improving time management, simplifying a scientific concept, creating an efficient meeting agenda, creating a product launch strategy and creating a social media content plan.

Topics include the best ChatGPT prompts to finish hours of work in seconds (writing unlimited prompts, writing a cover letter, a startup idea pitcher template, learning code quickly, using ChatGPT as a textbook on any subject, revising user writing and vocabulary, making ChatGPT your personal trainer, obtaining medical advice from ChatGPT, making ChatGPT a plagiarism checker, creating unique selling points for anything, generating engaging stories and writing poetry.

Topics include: using AI to brainstorm, using AI to summarize large documents into the most useful points, using ChatGPT to rewrite a response as though a person is a beginner, changing a writing style with different tone and copy editing.

Topics include: open-sources large language models that generates text and code,  creating high-quality short videos from text prompts and making API keys nameable (and generating up to 25 of them for different use cases).

Topics include advanced tools for images, writing, video, audio, coding and productivity.

Topics include: generating a color hex name from real-world color capture on an iPhone, AI content for podcasts and long-format audio, AI-powered searching for gift ideas, a personalized ChatGPT assistant to help with all aspects of your business, AI-powered data presentations that can be outputted to PDF or PowerPoint, locating the correct Git command in seconds, creating custom T-shirts, personalized travel plans, an AI chat assistant to locate data across any social media platform and quick photo editing removing any background objects.

Topics include a definitive list of experts to follow on AI (also featured on this page).

Topics include: text-to video using AI, talking to AI versions of celebrities, YouTube summaries using AI, a beginner’s guide to ChatGPT, creating social media content from simple text, creating a video title and description to generate YouTube thumbnails, having AI weigh the pros and cons of a situation, turning text into memes, creating voice descriptions and fast dubbing YouTube videos into multiple languages and a Google search feature for videos.

Topics include: text-to-studio quality podcast in seconds, an open-sourced model able to perform multimodal tasks, a visual, searchable base of your screen time, building AI-powered applications without having to write code, finding the best new prompt gems, easy website building, extracting invoices from PDFs and images to Excel using AI, a new and powerful speech-to-text model, a quiz designer and an online video editor with AI features.

Topics include how to stay ahead of AI threats to your job in industries that could be affected, such as paralegal, copywriting and accounting: learning SEO content creation, learning market research/community building and AI strategizing for companies.

Topics include: the early-developing HealthGPT and assigning complex tasks for completion.

Topics include: a BabyAGI agent specifically designed for different types of research, a Do-Anything Machine that is trained to execute tasks for your company, web-based AutoGPT, AutoGPT on the iPhone, BabyAGI on Discord, AutoGPT medical research and advanced tools for web developers.

Topics include: talking to ChatGPT on Android, replacing Siri with ChatGPT, ChatGPT on WhatsApp, ChatGPT on Telegram and using Bing to talk and write to ChatGPT.

Topics include: detecting feelings in real time through facial recognition, a beginner’s guide to ChatGPT and AI-powered websites that can help you finish lots of work quickly.

Topics include: editing videos with simple text commands (while also adding color corrections/enhancements, text & motion graphics generation, matching B-roll footage, music/sound effects and auto-generated storyboards) and an image recognition model to enhance computer vision by accurately identifying individual objects within images and video frames.

Topics include: AI video-making, tools for launching a startup business (including development of the ideas themselves), advertising copywriting from your browser that can create custom ads or replicate competitors, utilizing AI as a research assistant/data analyst, using AutoGPT from your browser to perform complex tasks, using text to create brandable logos/banners/additional designs, ChatGPT that can be trained for an entire business or team, creating powerful AI-powered apps, using AI to generate narratives and transform documents into presentations in seconds, quickly building no-code apps, an AI-powered fundraising tool and obtaining business advice from a virtual advisory board.

Topics include: a beginner’s guide to AI, a comprehensive overview of AI, learning  AI & machine learning, a list of 28 basic AI terms that it is necessary to know, a comprehensive list of machine learning terms, the what/why/how of the viral chatbot, an in-depth look at the inner workings of Chat GPT, a short video overview of how AutoGPT works, an open-source attempt to make AutoGPT fuly autonomous, installing a personal AI assistant on your computer, a resource on learn prompting, a prompt-engineering guide, how to learn the math that you need for machine learning, deep learning for coders, learning the limitations of AI, creating human-compatible technology, learning the risk and potential of AI and a weekly technology newsletter.

Topics include: easily creating great presentations, a personal assistant that functions in Chrome, a personal communication coach to help fight nervousness, creating customized brand images, chatting with a PDF, translating text into formulas for Excel & Google spreadsheets, building a website off of a short questionnaire and using AgentGPT to achieve a goal by giving itself tasks/browsing the Internet/executing the task.

Topics include: AI tools to turn anything into chatbots that can chat with: documents, PDFs, websites, Notion data, YouTube, AI celebrities and code.

Topics include: how to assign an objective to AutoGPT to solve for you, how to incorporate text-based video editing in Adobe Premiere Pro, a Meta AI open source tool that animates drawings and text-to-image creation.

Topics include: training GPT to become an expert and then extracting content from said expert, creating unique business ideas, training GPT to write GPT prompts and training GPT on how to write emails in your tone.

Topics include: learning complex topics quickly, training GPT to write in your style, training GPT to generate prompts for you, finding solutions to a given problem, getting GPT to help you hire an employee, eliminating writer’s block, preparing for a job interview and generating new ideas.

Topics include: AutoGPT (GPT-4) completing tasks on its own, extensive podcast preparation, witnessing the full evolution of an execution plan, creating an app and how to set up your own AutoGPT agents.

Topics include: giving GPT a goal and watching it learn and execute the goal and human-like Internet browsing.

Topics include: quick and easy website design, rewriting/editing text with tone and paraphrasing alteration functions, a Chrome extension to use webpages for prompts, an AI tool that automatically animates, lights and composes CG characters into a live-action scene, text/image/audio/code/chatbot/video creation, browser extension to simplify complex information and deepen understanding on any topic, immediately creating a chart for information off of a search, transforming voices in real time, creating memes with a single click from a phone, video generation from images or text descriptions and chatting with books/research papers/manuals/essays/legal contracts.

Topics include: customer service duties, social media management and financial advising.

Topics include: transforming your own voice into a personal chatbox assistant, best ways to store groceries to reduce food waste, creating food recipes, personal matchmaking, human resource management, a creative assistant to create wild videos from scratch, obtaining answers to questions by submitting an image, creating a new language from scratch, generating one-click lawsuits to sue robocallers for $1,500, passing exams, creating a functional iOS app, building simple Chrome extensions, creating tutoring services and converting videos into ASCII, debugging code.

Topics include a Who’s Who of the top AI experts on Twitter.

Topics include how to generate a clinical plan for any medical problem.

Topics include GPT with long-term memory that can personalize conversations based on that history.

Topics include: how to turn any website into a chatbot that will answer questions about it, using AI to take meeting notes (live or online), quickly creating travel itineraries, quick and realistic text-to-voice AI, how to find the right AI tool for any task, finding answers based on the top 10 research papers on your question, obtaining code and entire function suggestions in real time, how to learn about learn prompting (which is projected to become an in-demand and lucrative job), removing background images from pictures quickly, summarizing and taking notes from YouTube videos, uploading any photo of a person and immediately finding all images of that person on the Internet, quickly editing long-form video content into short form, joining the hot new market of buying and selling AI prompts, detecting if text was written by a human or GPT, creating chatbots out of PDFs, recipe recommendations and meal plan creation, obtaining answers to any questions from an image on your phone camera, greatly improving a resume, creating presentations, talking with any (AI) celebrity, creating a personal tutor or teaching assistant, creating or editing videos or images from a text prompt and perfecting online matchmaking.

Topics include: transforming an image into a CG character in a live-action scene, creating text-to-video, 3D motion via ControlNet depth map animation and easily creating animation.

Topics include leveraging Nvidia’s supercomputer to: build and perfect large language models, create conversational AI models, build and deploy applications for photorealistic images, high-res videos and detailed 3D geometry, work on drug discovery and bridge digital and physical worlds by creating industrial visualization of factories and other complexes prior to construction.

Topics include: creating incredibly lifelike 3D with AI via your iPhone, using AI on any website simply by selecting text, enhancing software development by being able to talk to any GitHub repository, using GPT for 3D world creation, using GPT for creating and editing music and a Chrome extension with pre-written prompts for GPT.

Topics include: creating advanced video games with no knowledge of code whatsoever, an iPhone app that recommends five new movies every day, a Chrome extension to use an AI assistant on every website that you visit, creating a mobile responsive web radio with no coding experience, building a web landing page by voice prompts, a Bing AI search clone called Zing with AI integration and a ToDo list app for iPhone.

Topics include: creating movie footage with AI voice, AI voice cloning, GPT for music and editing, creating original or cover music in the vocals of ANY musician, text-to-audio music diffusion, AI voice generation, prompting for voice generation and musical accompaniments to pair with vocals.Topics include: AI-powered noise cancellation that mutes background noise in real time, instant answers with cited sources on any topic, creating realistic, studio-quality backgrounds/illustrations/portraits in seconds, AI-powered task management, creating/editing/iterating AI images directly within Photoshop, quick searching by topic of Andrew Huberman’s health podcast (which is the most downloaded one in the world) and turning an idea on a piece of paper into a full design within seconds.