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The FDH Lounge brought ‚ÄúThe Great American Radio Show on Internet TV‚ÄĚ to the Sports Talk Network on January 14, 2007, spinning off of the FantasyDraftHelp.com brand with a commitment to apply the same level commitment to quality analysis to the widest area of content anywhere.¬† With the brash catchphrase ‚Äúnothing is off-topic,‚ÄĚ The ‚ÄúDignitaries‚ÄĚ of The FDH Lounge have taken on the broadest array of sports, along with pop culture, politics, geopolitics, movies, TV, pro wrestling, technology and much more.¬† Possessing wit and wisdom, the crew makes every topic lively without resorting to any of the hackneyed punchlines and clickbait prevalent on the current landscape.¬† In-house panels have been supplemented by hundreds of guests, some of them famous, such as Bob Barker, Steve Perry, Tommy Lasorda and Liz Claman ‚ÄĒ but all being amazing people with unique stories to tell.¬† The unrivaled record of this talk show continues to build over time, now as a podcast with the discontinuation of Sports Talk Network programming at TheFDHLounge.com.¬† FDH Senior Editor and Co-Creator Jason Jones will soon be creating a spinoff brand covering sports and TV/movies with editorials and conversations on the new UNDER FUTHER REVIEW WITH JONES YouTube channel.

The FDH Lounge is also part of The 21st Century Media Alliance, a creative umbrella of New Media and other creative enterprises (including scripted and non-scripted broadcasting) and professionals.

MANAGING PARTNER RICK MORRIS supervises content, marketing, web production and staff management for the FDH brand.  He hosted and produced numerous programs for the Sports Talk Network, including shows dedicated to fantasy sports, hockey, football, baseball and the Cleveland sports scene.  He also furnishes business reporting for the McGraw-Hill Companies and has additionally written extensively on sports and public policy.  A graduate of the E.W. Scripps School of Communications at Ohio University, Morris oversees all FDH material and marketing and is the lead fantasy baseball, football, hockey and niche sports contributor.  With his partner Jason Jones, he is the co-creator and executive producer of THE FDH LOUNGE, a revolutionary Internet television program that features content, commentary and interviews not only from the world of sports, but from politics, movies, music, geopolitics and everything else newsworthy in the world today.  Along with fellow FDH Lounge Dignitaries Ben Chew and Russ Cohen, Morris co-authored the book THE TOP 75 PLAYERS IN PRO BASKETBALL HISTORY.

SENIOR EDITOR/CREATIVE DIRECTOR JASON JONES won the first annual FDH FANTASY SPORTS GRAND CHAMPION award for having won the most expert mock leagues hosted by the Sports Talk Network.  He produces THE FDH LOUNGE and served as a radio producer and talk show host for DenverSportsRadio.com.  A graduate of The Ohio Center for Broadcasting, Jones is the lead fantasy basketball, NFL Draft and NBA Draft contributor for FDH, in addition to furnishing content for numerous other sports.  In working with his wife Samantha on FDH entertainment-related matters, he also serves as the de facto FDH Deputy Entertainment Editor.  As Senior Editor, he coordinates the contributions of all FDH staff.  As Creative Director, he is responsible for all imaging relating to the company, from audio and video production to artwork and logos.

SENIOR PRODUCER/VICE PRESIDENT FOR STRATEGIC PLANNING STEVE CIRVELLO (THE FDH NEW YORK BUREAU) is a multimedia professional and sports reporter with almost a decade of experience in online digital media.  He has experience at with a great many outlets, including NHL.com, MLB.com, Sportsology, Showtime Sports and Sports Network.  As Senior Producer, he is the lead guest booker on THE FDH LOUNGE program and is primarily responsible for securing the most famous guests on the show.  As Vice President for Strategic Planning, he is responsible for the formulation of large-scale projects, cultivation of existing external relationships (such as the ones in The 21st Century Media Alliance) and the formulation of new relationships.

ENTERTAINMENT EDITOR¬†SAMANTHA JONES won the first annual ‚ÄúFDH Lounge Fantasy Supergroup Draft,‚ÄĚ a program based on the concept of fantasy sports in which rock stars were selected by participants to form rock bands.¬† Samm is the chief correspondent for FDH on all entertainment matters, especially movies and music, has produced numerous programs for the Sports Talk Network, was a producer for DenverSportsRadio.com and is a graduate of The Ohio Center for Broadcasting.

FDH DIRECTOR OF RESEARCH NATE NOY is the chief strategic advisor and top researcher for all major projects associated with the organization.  A graduate of Wooster College, with a law degree from the University of Toledo and an MBA from Ohio State University, Noy is an innovator in the online fantasy sports field, dating back to his days as co-founder of Drafthelp.com in 2000.

Other contributors to FantasyDrafthelp.com and The FDH Lounge are as follows: Jon Adams, Simon Applebaum, John Basedow, ‚ÄúThe Scout‚ÄĚ Ken Becks, Adam Buckman, Lloyd Carroll, Ben Chew, Russ Cohen, Tom Denk, Ken Detwiler, Jake Digman, Tim Foust, Chris Galloway, Ron Glasenapp, Bob Glassman, Derek Joseph, Steve Kallas, Joe Lindway, Tony Mazur, Anthony Petrone, Matt Petrone, Mike Ptak, Kyle Ross, Joe Staszak and Mike Vili.

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