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In February of 2006, FANTASYDRAFTHELP.COM spun off from DRAFTHELP.COM, a fantasy sports company that has existed since 2000.  FANTASYDRAFTHELP.COM specializes in the unique presentation of fantasy content across numerous sports, and distributed thousands of hours of live web TV and podcasts to SportsTalkNetwork.com before taking primary control of its distribution through its friends at Sportsology.  FDH is based in Cleveland, Ohio and is owned and operated by FDH Enterprises, LLC.  In 2007, a second division of FDH with the motto “nothing is off-topc” was formed, The FDH Lounge.  FDH produces contents across several platforms, including its Multimedia Magazine and the eBooks DISSECTING THE DECADES: THE FDH LOUNGE LOOKS BACK AND AHEAD AT THE FIRST 20 YEARS OF THE NEW MILLENNIUM and NOTHING IS OFF-TOPIC: THE BEST OF THE FDH LOUNGE MULTIMEDIA MAGAZINE.

MANAGING PARTNER RICK MORRIS supervises content, marketing, web production and staff management for the FDH brand.  He hosted and produced numerous programs for the Sports Talk Network, including shows dedicated to fantasy sports, hockey, football, baseball and the Cleveland sports scene.  He also furnishes business reporting for the McGraw-Hill Companies and has additionally written extensively on sports and public policy.  Along with FDH contributor Nathan Noy, he co-wrote the 2001 book STRANDED: A GUIDE TO LIFE WITHOUT MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL.  A graduate of the E.W. Scripps School of Communications at Ohio University, Morris oversees all FDH material and marketing and is the lead fantasy baseball, football, hockey and niche sports contributor.  With his partner Jason Jones, he is the co-creator and executive producer of THE FDH LOUNGE, a revolutionary Internet television program that features content, commentary and interviews not only from the world of sports, but from politics, movies, music, geopolitics and everything else newsworthy in the world today.

SENIOR EDITOR/CREATIVE DIRECTOR JASON JONES won the first annual FDH FANTASY SPORTS GRAND CHAMPION award for having won the most expert mock leagues hosted by the Sports Talk Network.  He produces THE FDH LOUNGE and served as a radio producer and talk show host for DenverSportsRadio.com.  A graduate of The Ohio Center for Broadcasting, Jones is the lead fantasy basketball, NFL Draft and NBA Draft contributor for FDH, in addition to furnishing content for numerous other sports.  In working with his wife Samantha on FDH entertainment-related matters, he also serves as the de facto FDH Deputy Entertainment Editor.  As Senior Editor, he coordinates the contributions of all FDH staff.  As Creative Director, he is responsible for all imaging relating to the company, from audio and video production to artwork and logos.

SENIOR PRODUCER/VICE PRESIDENT FOR STRATEGIC PLANNING STEVE CIRVELLO (THE FDH NEW YORK BUREAU) is a multimedia professional and sports reporter with almost a decade of experience in online digital media.  He has experience at with a great many outlets, including NHL.comMLB.comSportsologyShowtime Sports and Sports Network.  As Senior Producer, he is the lead guest booker on THE FDH LOUNGE program and is primarily responsible for securing the most famous guests on the show, including Kenny Albert, Bryan Alvarez, Curtis Armstrong, Teddy Atlas, Bob Barker, Brutus Beefcake, Eric Bolling, Chip Caray, Sean Casey, Charley Casserly, Dominic “Uncle Junior” Chianese, The San Diego Chicken, Liz Claman, Jim Cornette, Christopher Cross, Dick DeBartolo, JJ Dillon, Diane Dimond, Joe DioGuardi, Miss USA Rima Fakih, Robert Flores, Gilbert Gottfried, BCS Executive Director Bill Hancock, Bret “Hitman” Hart, Ellis Henican, Missy Hyatt, Don Jamieson, Al Jaffee, Tommy John, Dhani Jones, Tommy Lasorda, “Road Warrior Animal” Joe Laurinaitis, Jerry “The King” Lawler, Will Leitch, Ben Lyons, Alex Marvez, Dave Meltzer, Matthew Modine, Craigslist founder Craig Newmark, Thomas Ian Nicholas, John Oates, Original Midnight Express reunion (Dennis Condrey & Bobby Eaton), Gaylord Perry, Steve Perry, The Phillie Phanatic, Tommy Reid, Jacques Rougeau, Chris “Mad Dog” Russo, Steve Sabol, Jeremy Schaap, Harvey Schiller, Art Schlichter, Peter Scolari, Ken Shamrock, Rick Springfield, Jayson Stark, George “The Animal” Steele, Bert Randolph Sugar, Eddie Trunk, Luscious Johnny Valiant, Greg Vaughn, Bill Werde, Dan Wheldon and Ziggy cartoonist Tom Wilson.  As Vice President for Strategic Planning, he is responsible for the formulation of large-scale projects, cultivation of existing external relationships (such as the ones in The 21st Century Media Alliance) and the formulation of new relationships

ENTERTAINMENT EDITOR SAMANTHA JONES won the first annual “FDH Lounge Fantasy Supergroup Draft,” a program based on the concept of fantasy sports in which rock stars were selected by participants to form rock bands.  She is the chief correspondent for FDH on all entertainment matters, especially movies and music.  She was produced numerous programs for the Sports Talk Network, was a producer for DenverSportsRadio.com and is a graduate of The Ohio Center for Broadcasting.

DIRECTOR OF RESEARCH NATHAN NOY co-founded Drafthelp.com, the predecessor to FantasyDrafthelp.com in 2000.  Along with FDH Managing Partner Rick Morris, he co-wrote the 2001 book STRANDED: A GUIDE TO LIFE WITHOUT MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL — and in that book, laid down the intellectual foundations for the daily fantasy sports leagues that have exploded in recent years.  A graduate of Wooster College, with a law degree from the University of Toledo and an MBA from Ohio State University, he has parlayed his unmatched educational background within FDH to provide a wide array of data and research in a multiplicity of fields.

DAVE ADAMS is an FDH LOUNGE Dignitary.
JON ADAMS is a niche sports contributor for FantasyDrafthelp.com.
KEN DETWILER is a baseball contributor and FDH LOUNGE Dignitary.
TIM FOUST is a baseball contributor and FDH LOUNGE Dignitary.
TONY MAZUR is an FDH LOUNGE Dignitary.
SEAN MINA is an FDH LOUNGE Dignitary.
PAUL PASEK is a member of The FDH Lounge Academy of Arts & Sciences.
DON PETERSON is an FDH Lounge Dignitary.
MIKE PTAK is a NASCAR, baseball and football contributor and FDH LOUNGE Dignitary.
KYLE ROSS is an FDH Lounge Dignitary.
SEAN TRENCH is a football and hoops contributor and FDH LOUNGE Dignitary.
MIKE VILI is a football and niche sports contributor and FDH LOUNGE Dignitary.
JEFF WEBER is a niche sports contributor for FantasyDrafthelp.com.

Additionally, along with FantasyDrafthelp.com and THE FDH LOUNGE, several other entities currently comprise “The 21st Century Media Alliance.”  FDH Enterprises, LLC has a content exchange agreement with each of these sites and heartily endorses them as the finest in their given fields.
100 Ranger Greats — Co-Author Russ Cohen — Website and book celebrating the top 100 New York Rangers of all time and Ranger history and news in general.
1st Down Scouting — Editor Ken “The Scout” Becks — Website devoted to extensive coverage of college football players who are expected to make an impact on the next few NFL drafts.
Great Sports Name Hall of Fame — Editor Tim Dustin — Fun with offbeat sports names, as well as analysis of sports transactions going back through history, baseball cards and many other interesting subjects.
Jake Digman — Cleveland-based MMA ring announcer and Ron Paul Radio talk show host.
Keep It In The Ring — Proprietor Rich Mancuso — Coverage of all major sports, with particular emphasis on baseball and boxing.
Ken Palmer — New York-based pro football writer.
Lloyd Carroll — New York-based journalist covering sports, entertainment, travel and accounting.
Mr. Flatstick — Proprietor Tom Denk — The most innovative golf coverage anywhere, without fear or favoritism (full coverage coming at MrFlatstick.com before the end of 2010).
My Gratitude Life — Proprietor Dave Block — Blog dedicated to raising the awareness of the importance of positivity and gratitude.
Outside the Box Score — Editor Ben Chew — Website devoted to creative coverage of sports news, with copious video content.
Royalty Tours USA — Proprietor Gary Herman — Sports travel agency and blog operated by one of the world’s foremost sports travelers.
Sporting Puma — Proprietor Paul Derrick — Reviews of sports stadium and arena experiences across the US.
Sportsology — Co-Founder Russ Cohen — Pre-eminent New Media company devoting extensive coverage to footballbaseballhockeyhoops, and pro wrestling.
Sports Plus/Kallas Remarks — Editor Steve Kallas — Cutting-edge coverage from the intersection of sports, law and ethics.
That NBA Lottery Pick — Editor Ben Chew — A whimsical look at all aspects of the pro hoops game.
The Pullins Report — Publisher Scott Pullins — The online newsletter for Scott Pullins, one of America’s finest minds in the diverse fields of law, politics, business coaching and consumer advocacy.
The Sports Train — Hosts Jeff Briscoe and Jake Klossner — Twice-weekly sports talk show tackling topical material.
The Unheard Scene — Hosts Anthony Petrone, Matt Petrone and Freddy DeMarco — Broadcast interviewing top rock musicians.
Tomorrow Will Be Televised — Proprietor Simon Applebaum — High-level coverage of the intersection of TV and technology.
TV Howl — Proprietor Adam Buckman — Well-informed coverage and analysis of the television business from the longtime TV columnist for the New York Post.
Will McMahon — Los Angeles-based actor/writer/comedian.

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