The FDH Lounge Show Index

Contents from our first 153 FDH LOUNGE episodes and our first 1702 single-segment mini-episodes: 1. January 14, 2007: Could pro wrestling become an Olympic sport?, BCS Title Game post-mortem, New York sports overview, Wimp or Pimp segment (OK to like ABBA?), Should specialists be in a sports hall of fame?, New music review segment, Celebrities … Continue reading The FDH Lounge Show Index

The FDH Lounge

Welcome to the webcast where “nothing is off-topic!”Β  Here’s a short list of some of the wonderful conversationalists that we’ve been fortunate enough to have on our program: (repeat guests in CAPS): KENNY ALBERT, Bryan Alvarez, Jon Anderson, Curtis Armstrong, TEDDY ATLAS, BOB BARKER, JOHN BASEDOW, Brutus Beefcake, Tully Blanchard, Eric Bolling, Bobbie Brown, RIC … Continue reading The FDH Lounge