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Contents from our first 152 FDH LOUNGE episodes and our first 1252 single-segment mini-episodes: 1. January 14, 2007: Could pro wrestling become an Olympic sport?, BCS Title Game post-mortem, New York sports overview, Wimp or Pimp segment (OK to like ABBA?), Should specialists be in a sports hall of fame?, New music review segment, Celebrities … Continue reading The FDH Lounge Show Index

The FDH Lounge

Welcome to the webcast where “nothing is off-topic!” First, here’s a list of platforms where we are carried (in addition to the mothership at Blubrry Google Podcasts Listen Notes Pandora Podbean RadioPublic Stitcher TuneIn YouTube Also, here’s our NEW guide to the 2020 NFL Draft, PRO FOOTBALL DRAFTOLOGY 2020! 550+ hours (and ALL of … Continue reading The FDH Lounge